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Eugene | Oregon | USA

Yuri V. Pantioukhin, President

Mr. Pantioukhin was born in Russia, and now resides in the United States. Mr. Pantioukhin is responsible for Sales and Distribution in the United States and marketing in Russia. He began his career working for the Russian Embassy as a French translator in the Republic of Guinea, Africa. He has extensive experience with the constantly changing Russian import and export laws. His technical and equipment knowledge combined with his knowledge of transportation and logistics are assets for our customers who rely on FMWP to keep their operations working at peak efficiency. He brings a vast network of contacts throughout Russia, which has allowed us to provide unparalleled service to our Russian customers, and to deliver products and services where all others have failed. Mr. Pantioukhin speaks Russian, English, French, and German.

Mark B. Baldwin

Mr. Baldwin was born in Oregon. Mr. Baldwin oversees all operations of Forest Machines Wood Production, LLC. His primary focus is developing and implementing a long-range strategic vision for the company, and ensuring that the vision is fulfilled. His day to day oversight focuses primarily on IT, Financial Operations, and Company Relations. He has a strong management and IT background. He has successfully built several businesses in America including a manufactured housing plant, Valhall, Inc where he served as Controler and Plant Manager. He honed his business and IT acumen in the Fortune 500 Company, Symantec Corporation, where he first oversaw the Internet Development Tools Support Team and then as the Product Manager for Symantec's world-wide customer Oracle database, which is used for sales, contract management, and customer support Mr. Baldwin also worked as a consultant to several large corporations in the Netherlands including ABN AMRO bank, Nederlandse Spoorweg (Dutch railways), and Nederlandse Landmacht (Dutch Army). Mr. Baldwin speaks English, Russian, French, and Dutch


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